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The Standards of Christian Conduct is an in-depth, thorough, yet practical and easy to understand discipleship course that deals with standards and guidelines for Christian living. It will prove to be a useful resource for new believers as well as long-time Christians.  It is designed to raise the level of knowledge, understanding, and practice of Christian principles.

In this course you will:

•  Understand the process of sanctification
•  Explore Religion vs. Relationship
•  Discover the process of “coming out of the world”
•  Learn how to set up a basic program for personal study
•  Learn what to do when you fall
•  Learn how to deal with fellow Christians, Unbelievers, and Enemies
•  Learn how to develop a strong Christian character
•  Learn how to deal with sickness, disease and death
•  Read the author’s personal experiences as she shares them in a down to earth and transparent way
•  Share in true life experiences and personal testimonies from practicing Christian disciples
•  Participate in exercises to evaluate your progress

Never feel alone and confused again! Join me as we understand and practice God’s design for a victorious Christian life.


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